Power of “MY RULES”

We all have a set of personal rules that dictate how we interact with and judge other people. Our rules also dictate how we view ourselves and how we see the world. Our rules shape us, they make up who we are. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Before I write about the power of personal rules and why you should have it too, I would like you to go through my personal list so that you get a better idea behind this concept.

Some of the rules I live by:

  1. Everything that happens to me – good or bad – is my personal responsibility.
  2. Never share your inner most secrets! even with the most trusted ones.
  3. Everything happens for a good reason that you’ll discover later.
  4. I have set my priorities, if it is not in my list I won’t give a shit about it
  5. I won’t ever talk about people at their back, to others – never!
  6. I will do good for who did good to me.
  7. If I have caused harm, I apologize and fix the situation.
  8. Don’t think of what has happened, think what should be done now, forget it!
  9. Take criticism positively and thank the criticizer
  10. Ignore stupid people, Don’t argue.
  11. I cannot change the past, so stop thinking over it
  12. I will only surround myself with open minded, high quality & uplifting beings.
  13. I commit to work and not the fruit.
  14. I wont follow the crowd, I’ll do what I love.
  15. When I love someone, I really love them – 100%
  16. I will push my limits, everyday
  17. Never Show off – even if you’ve got the skills
  18. Stay mysterious
  19. Respect the one you respects you, not the one who does not.
  20. Always apologize – even if it is not your mistake, if the relationship is important to you.
  21. Never reveal all your rules and secrets!

Alright! Now let us look at the power and benefits of having “My Rules”

  • They help you stay emotional stable becuase when something unfavourable happens to you, it acts as a lighthouse similar to how the laws help the government to take charge at disputes.
  • They make you grounded in your vision and life’s purpose because it is the most important thing in your life.
  • They help you to develop strong character and make you a person of high moral status.
  • They help you to take right decisions when you are confused and swept over by temporary emotions.
  • They help you to see clearly into the scenario and take smart actions.
  • They make you feel more confident about yourself and boost your social intelligence.
  • They make you a man of value and earn you respect.
  • They make you stable in 4 realms – mental, physical, spiritual and social
  • They make you more of who you are, aligning with your highest authentic self.
  • They act as a mentor.
  • They are your blueprint to get things right.
  • you should have something of your own, right? How about having a personal set of rules that is the most powerful asset of yours.
  • To be free of emotional labour, useless hectics and stress you have to have your rules well defined.

So, Set some rules for yourself that will help you throughout your life. Rules can be as small as – I will meditate 5 mins daily. Write something that defines you, that aligns with your truest self and your highest priorities, take reference of my rules to create your own.

**Note – Rules are made to be broken.

By Aman Varma • Author • Humanitarian • Happiness Coach

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