54 Wise tips for easy life – Ancient Wisdom

  1. The blessings which could be received, could be taken away.
  2. While we often stop to think, we miss opportunity.
  3. The gain acquired at the expenses of reputation, should be counted as a loss.
  4. It is easier for a woman to shed tears, without salt.
  5. The greatest of comforts is to be free from blame.
  6. Yesterday should be the teacher of today
  7. Divide the fire and soon you’ll put it out
  8. A builder of a house should not leave it unfinished
  9. The rewards of talents and fortune are offered to all
  10. Pleasant is the remembrance of the ills that are past
  11. For he who loves labor, there is always something to do
  12. Even a single hair casts its shadow
  13. The wise man corrects his own errors by observing those of others
  14. It is easier to add to a great reputation than to create it
  15. You should hammer your iron when it is glowing hot
  16. Confidence, like life, never returns to him whom she has left
  17. A great property is a great bondage to the owner
  18. Men made fortune a goddess, that misfortune might be certain
  19. A fire can be seen at great distance when it does not give heat
  20. It is no wrong to harm the one who harmed you
  21. A laugh at the misfortune is a wrong done him
  22. That life is most pleasant which is past in ignorance
  23. The madness of love is ever delightful
  24. When labor is shunned, laziness shows its face
  25. The ears bear the injury better than the eye
  26. The bow too tensely strung is easily broken
  27. To do good, you should know what the good is
  28. When the lion is dead even the puppies can bite him
  29. He who chases two hares will catch neither
  30. A slanderous tongue is the sign of a bad heart
  31. Practice is the best instructor of all
  32. A great fortune sits gracefully on a great man
  33. Woman is man’s superior in cunning
  34. Never find your delight in another’s misfortune
  35. He is bad servant who teaches his master
  36. It is better to have a little, than nothing
  37. No one can escape love or death
  38. Necessity may force from men whatever she wishes
  39. Want renders a needy man liar
  40.  A wise man never refuses anything to necessity
  41. No one is so poor during life, as at birth
  42. Be the first one to laugh at your own blunders and no one will laugh at you
  43. Necessity knows no law except to conquer
  44. Fortune takes nothing away but her own gifts
  45. The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing
  46. It is not every question that deserves an answer
  47. That is not yours which fortune made yours
  48. You cannot put the same shoe on every foot
  49. Put more confidence in your eyes than your ears
  50. Every fascinating pleasure is an injurious pleasure.
  51. Money alone sets all the world in motion
  52. Be your money’s master, not its slave
  53. He who does a kindness to the deserving, shares it with him
  54. We are interested in others when they are interested in us

*Content from the book – Moral Sayings by Publilius Syrus

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