19 lessons I’ve learned from fishes.

Alright! It’s quit a while now that I watch fishes for a long time. I was quite surprised to notice that while watching fishes swim across the aquarium my mind used to get blank! Watching fishes is like mindfulness meditation. It has several heath benefits such as lower blood pressure, stress relief, etc

It got me thinking how these small beautiful creatures can calm your Monkey mind without doing anything. I want to know more. What more can they do to our mind and what lessons can I learn from these adorable creatures.

So, here it goes.. I came up with 19 life lessons learned by merely watching the fishes swim across the aquarium!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

1. Only the first and finest of all will survive in this world.

You need to start making yourself better and better because there are many people out there who are trying to catch the same fruits as you (forgetting that the fruits are limited) stop being lazy. Live a passionate life as fishes do.

2. Lord cannot help you if you do not ready to take efforts and do the work.

God can provide you opportunities and strength to work but it is you who needs to grab that opportunity. Nothing in this world happens by itself. Just like the fishes do.

3. You have to accept change to survive. Change is for good. Try to move out of your comfort zone.

4. No matter how small & simple your world maybe, you can always be happy because happiness is the state of mind – generated and destroyed by your mind. Happiness is not there outside, it is in-side. Happiness is a choice.

5. Sometimes all you have to do is “nothing”

Soak yourself in the present moment, don’t think about the past or future, nor be judgmental about the present and do nothing. It is the simplest but the hardest practice. Set aside some time for yourself to do nothing. Just like the fishes do.

6. The more you tune outside of your mind and inside of your body, the more happier will you be.

When you do not over think and enjoy the moment, take care of your body, move into your body, you feel energised, confident & amazing because at that time you do not analyse things, just like the fishes do.

7. Our perception is always biased as it is based upon our likeability and the wideness of our minds.

8. Happiness is like a neutral line. What makes a person happy, can make another person unhappy. It is all about aligning yourself with this neutral line of happiness. Nothing is good or bad, it is our mind that makes it good or bad.

9. Love, sympathy, kindness and care is all you need along with the basic needs (food, air, water, etc) to live happy life. Just like fishes!

10. At time you need to leave this world, go on a vacation, a place where you feel secure, comfort and peace so that you can heal yourself mentally, emotionally
, spiritually and physically. Avoid being workaholic. Just like fishes do.. When they are stressed.

11. Connecting with different people, accepting them as they are  and uplifting ourselves with them will make your world beautiful and interesting. Just like the fishes.

12. Stress from external sources is an illusion. You create stress in your mind. It is optional (like happiness) whether to get stressed or not. Identify what gets you stressed and how can you overcome it. Be specific. Just like the fishes.

13. The most active, energetic and successful people rest. “Rest when no one is seeing”. Just like the fishes do.

14. Freedom is the state of mind. If you think that going to remote place or dense forest and you will be free from any kind of sufferings you are wrong! Because your mind is always with you. Whether it be forest, city or Mars.

15. Beauty is an illusion for temporary attraction and beauty alone will not always win you trophies. It is more about the qualities you inculcate and the kind of person you become. All the beautiful fishes are not the finest (goldfish!).

16. Greed will kill you in long run.

17. Some people will like you some people will not. You have to accept and love yourself a 100% as you are. You cannot please everyone. Just like the fishes do. They don’t care what you think of them! They love themselves.

18. Your emotional state of mind can be analysed by your physical appearance. Your body radiates energy/aura when you are happy and peaceful.

19. Your mind is the one who destroys the peace of your mind. Control it or it will destroy you.

Just like the fishes do!!

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One thought on “19 lessons I’ve learned from fishes.

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