15 Signs you are living your life purpose.

1. You cried, with extreme happiness and rush of all positive emotions.

2. You lose your sleep and hunger because you are deeply soaked in the work you love and experience extreme satisfaction.

3. You fell crazy and fantastic! The energy is radiating for every cell of your body.

4. You inspire people. Your personality becomes magnetic and irresistible.

5. You are now pushing your boundaries. Your speed at which you progress is amazing!

6. You are amazed by yourself too!!

7. You are like woooooo-hoooooo !! Yeah! Damn! Can’t stop smiling!

8. You are Positive and try to uplift other people too, because you know everyone deserves to live an amazing life.

9. You avoid shallow, meaningless & crappy conversations and comnections. You connect with more uplifting and inspiring people.

10. You feel alive and in love with yourself.

11. You get goosebumps, because you discover hidden facts and wisdom as you progress in your field.

12. You start taking care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritualy.

13. You start sharing your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with the world. You try to contribute your best to the society.

14. You feel proud of yourself. You don’t give a damn about what people think about you.

15. Your past doesnt matter anymore, you are a free bird.

The list goes on and on..

Aman Varma for Self Mastery

Posted by Aman Varma for project self mastery.


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