The 5 temptations of a CEO

Yesterday I completed with this amazing book “The five temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni” A great book which highlights the reasons due to which CEOs fail. I am writing a summary of this book for you, so that you can prevent yourself from falling into these 5 temptations.

Here it goes..

Temptation 1: The Ego
Once the ego is initially satisfied, they turn their efforts towards enjoying the fruit of their new status. They work less hours. They worry less about the company’s performance.
Great CEO’s should be overwhelmed by the need to achieve something. That is what drives them. Achievement. Not ego.

Temptation 2: Fame & Name
It is about not wanting to be rejected, as a person. It’s about judging yourself by what other people think of you. It is the need to be liked & popular.

Temptation 3: Being Afraid to be wrong. (Wrong decisions)
They take decisions based on unclear facts and data because they are afraid to be wrong in front of other people.

Temptation 4: The desire for harmony.
They are afraid to put their ideas on the line where they might get challenged. So they don’t benefit from the various opinions and ideas of their people.

Temptation 5: Not Trusting.
They do not trust other’s opinions and ideas because they don’t trust people. They do not admit if they are wrong to protect their status. They hide their weakness.


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