maxresdefault.jpgThis is probably the most important and powerful skill you can develop as a human being.

“Mindfulness is experiencing reality literally, exactly as it is. It is the interface between you and the reality.” – Leo Gura

Components of mindfulness: Focus, Sensory Clarity, Emotional Stability.

There are three main channels through which you experience reality – Seeing (Images), Hearing (Sounds), Feeling (Sensations)

The practice: Basics (The outer sensation)

You need to do 3 Cyclic structure of 10 seconds each as described below.

Cycle 1: seeing
Take an object and just look at it as it is without any judgement or feeling.
Eg: lamp, pen, door, etc

Cycle 2: hearing
Take an sound and just hear it as it is without any judgement or feeling.
Eg: birds singing, insects, running water

Cycle 3: feeling
Take any body part (feet on which you are standing) and feel the pressure without any judgement.

**Do this in every cycle.
Step 1: notice/ put absolute attention on
Step 2: label (see/hear/feel)
Step 3: take in/save it as it is


  1. Awareness expands.
  2. Tuned in with the present moment.
  3. Increased productivity.
  4. Emotional mastery.
  5. Helpful in easing suffering.
  6. Concentration increases.


  1. Practice everyday for at-least 20 mins and increase gradually.
  2. Join a mindfulness retreat for faster progress.

**These videos will help you to understand this concept at a much deeper level.

Mindfulness Meditation – A Complete Guide With Techniques & Examples

Mindfulness – How To Actually Practice Mindfulness & Conquer Your Emotions


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