Meditation: From a new perspective.


For many of us meditation is silencing of mind. But..everyone is different. Anything that you do, which brings peace & happiness, continue doing it. This is meditation.

I am not here to tell you what you should do. It’s all about becoming your own guru. It’s all about sharing with one another. But I can share some insights of total body awareness because for me meditation is total body awareness where we have to loose our mind and come to our senses. It’s absorbing yourself in the moment.

The great way to mediate is to exercise or dance because it allows us to move into our body which is the unconscious mind. Another great way to meditate is to have fun! Don’t be so serious. Meditation is about doing what you love. It’s about letting go of the resistance. Let the energy flow through you.

Meditating is about remaining true to your authentic expression. Mind is a filter. Meditation is removing of this filter. No judgments! Be neutral! Place yourself in the right environment. Go to the place where you find your power. Reconnect to the breath. Breathe deep.Breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold on for 4 seconds. Release for 4 seconds.

Whatever brings you happiness & joy keep doing it! That’s meditation!


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