Love Confusion.

Relationships are not always peaches & cream. It is all about honoring each other’s “imperfections” and growing together. That’s the secret! A lot of us talk about “the one” but you will realize that there is no “one”, there are “many ones” that you will meet in your life time.

It’s all about “the one right now !” Because as we change the types of people we meet also changes. This is why you feel like you have found the one and then you say “wait a minute, he/she is not the one!” Where the hell is the one? The beautiful thing about the relationships is that they help us become the greatest version of ourselves. You have not come here, on the planet earth just to love “one” being. You want to make them just as happy as yourself!

3 Signs you have found “the one” in the moment:

1. Eye gazing: we can stare in their eyes for ever without ever getting bored. It’s almost as if we are seeing the universe! So poetical 😉 You can open up to that person at all levels.

2. Heart based connection: you don’t see them, you feel them!

3. No awkward moments: you never feel uncomfortable. In fact, that silence brings more intimacy. You feel them, in essence you become ONE. They become your extension. You don’t feel the pressure to fill the void. Relationship is energy generating and not energy depleting.

Bonus Tip# communication, appreciation, passion, trust & fun are the 5 components of a good relationship. Let love guide you, not fear.

Have a beautiful day 🙂


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