8 Proven ways of creating lasting happiness.

This is a practical quick self-help article written on the basis of my personal experiences. Happiness is a mind game. Happiness is all about being in the present moment. Stay connected with your body because your body is your subconscious mind. The mind’s job is to create problems. The more you move into your body, the more you will move out of your head and the happier you will be. Below are the key points that have helped me in sustaining a happy life.

Practice daily gratitude: Gratitude is a really great technique for creating sustainable happiness. The most practical way to express gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Record 5-10 things you are grateful for everyday in the morning. Anything that you are grateful for, big things or Small things.

Be optimistic: Be more optimistic. Daily habit of journalising your aims, plans and dreams can help you become happy. Record what you will do today, this week, this year, the next 5 years and next 10 years. Do what will bring excitement and fun in your life. Set positive expectations for your future. Stay inspired and motivated.

Stop over thinking: Over thinking is a situation in which you over-analyse small things such as people’s reactions, your own actions or situations. You are stuck in your automatic negative thoughts. You start to live in your head which results in confusion, low self esteem, negative self talk, wrong assumptions, and emotional instability. Finally it steals your happiness. So, stop over thinking; don’t take it so seriously. You can practice Mindfulness meditation, journaling, introspection, visualization or mind mapping techniques to get out of confusion by knowing the cause of over thinking.

Elimination of Addictions: Addictions rob you of any chance of happiness in life. They are like Band-Aids over the unhappiness in life that gives you a quick little hit of pleasure. But they are temporary and will leave you with guilt and hollowness. Common Addictions are – Over eating, Alcohol, Smoking, Sex, Drugs, Gossip and Gambling. You have to unhook yourself from such addictions. The best way to unhook you from these addictions is by finding a strong reason for doing that. Replace these addictions with positive habits.

Build Meaningful Relationships: Have rich family & social connections. Have more personal face to face relationships than those fake facebook relationships. The key here is not the quantity but the quality of relationships. Put efforts and time in meaningful relationships and avoid shallow connections as they will act as distractions. Beautiful and Authentic relationships are what you need.

Slow Down: Stop rushing. Stop Multi-tasking. Enjoy your meal. Calm down. Breathe in that good ass prana. Appreciate nature. Meditate. Enjoy every moment, slowly. Go out in the nature. Get yourself absorbed in the present moment.

Meditate: Meditation is an awesome habit to develop. It helps you to live in the present moment and this is where the happiness is. Stop thinking of the future. Stop dwelling over the past. Live in the moment. Meditation is an amazing tool to clear your mind. You can refer my other articles on meditation for deeper understanding.

Life purpose: Identify your life purpose. Set big ambitious goals. Have a direction to go in for.  Have a vision for your life. Stay healthy. Love infinite. Cheer up and live your life.

    “Happiness should flow inside-out, not the other way around. Live from your heart.”

    By Aman Varma • Happiness Coach • Author

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