3 biggest problems of my life & the facts that helped me overcome them!

o-DEPRESSION-facebookProblem 1: Depression – No one liked me, no one appreciated me, everyone criticized me. I received sarcastic comments. I was an idiot! I was in depression, I was lonely, I was broke into million pieces. I needed love! I needed hugs! It took nothing for people to make me cry like a helpless poor guy struggling from lack of acceptance and love. I lost my parents, I lost self love, I lost hope to live a better life. Loved ones ignored me, made me feel like shit! I was low and getting even lower. I needed someone to accept me as I was. I wanted to improve myself but couldn’t because of humiliation and low self-esteem. Then one day everything changed when I stopped giving a shit about what people thought/believed about my character. I did do a lot of mistakes but I was not a loser bitch! Fuck you! I will over come my short comings..

SOLUTION fact# I started reading books, watching self help videos and doing every damn thing that made me smarter and feel good about my self. I left my head, stopped thinking about cheap things and focused on positive things, people and solution. I let go off all hatred. I forgave everyone, even myself! I discovered a secret to live a happy life! Live in the present moment. Your body is always in the present moment. Live from your heart. Leave your head. Stop over thinking. The more you move into your body the more you will move out of your head and the more happier you will be. Go to the gym, take care of yourself, groom well, wear good cloths. Feel good about yourself, have a self respect. Love yourself a 100%

Problem 2: Love – I was love stoned! I couldn’t think about someone else than that one special person. I started over thinking, over analyzing society’s laws and situations. I believed it was wrong to love that someone, but what could I do? I did not choose to fall in love with her! I was confused! Felt blues! Got stuck! Emotionally unstable. One day I was angry, the other day I was living my love. What a torture!! Should I love her? Is it wrong to love her? Does she love me? Why did I fall in for her? Why is it wrong to love someone? Why the hell on this planet earth did I fall for this girl only? I was sleepless! I was STUCK!

SOLUTION Fact# It is perfectly OKAY to fall in love with more than one person in your life. As you change, people around you change. We do not choose to fall in love with someone neither we have come on this planet to love one person. Love is always energy uplifting. Love everyone you want to, freely without any guilt. It is alright to love anyone and everyone you fall for. There will be multiple people you will fall for. No age matters, no society’s rules matters. You are here to love endlessly. Love will grow you. No need to get confused in whether is it right to love this person or not because the answer will always be YES! That is the truth!

Problem 3: Nightmares – I was fed up. Every single day of my life in 2013-2015 I got this thrilling nightmares. They were pathetic. They were disturbing. They made me emotionally unstable and stressed. I was crying for 1 night’s peaceful sleep. It was affecting my daily lifestyle. I was tired and sick! I needed someone or someplace where I could experience peace and happiness. I was scared!

SOLUTION Fact# dreams are not meaningless. Your sub-conscious mind speaks to you through dreams. Dreams are the symbolic representation of your inner emotional state. You need to crack the meaning of the symbols in your dream (Google your dream symbol and now its meanings) Dreams/nightmares project your inner most hidden desires and fears. They also project the solutions to over come them and feel better. It will help you come out of depression. Dreams are all about you! Detailed article on this topic soon to come.

More to come..

God! Did I just reveal that? Can I get a hell ooooooooohh there!? Feels fantastic! Live your life!


One thought on “3 biggest problems of my life & the facts that helped me overcome them!

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