The secret art of not giving fuck

I wanna share a short but advantageous insight for you and that is “Don’t give a fuck”
Any action that you can take that moves you closer to not giving a fuck about any external thought (meaning all the thoughts that are not your creation) will make you more successful, emotionally grounded and attractive. And the opposite is true as well.

For example, You decide to do something and the people around you tell you a million reasons for why it won’t work, then you’ll have two choices:

1. Giving a fuck a.k.a becoming a small pussy and listening to them

2. Not giving a fuck a.k.a being a man who can stand for himself, think for himself and take charge in life.

Who do you think will be more successful & respected?

But you don’t want to be always going to the “not giving a fuck mode” if you are too cold, you’ll come off as wierd. It’s okay to care a little for people. Listen their advice, do what you want to do insted.

But the more your subconscious mind receives the message that you don’t give a fuck, the more successful you’ll be in business, friendships and life in general. Which is good! It’ll make you grounded in your own reality.

So when 90% of your actions are on your path, exactly where you wanna go than it will make you naturally not to give a fuck. Because your vision is millions times more import for you and it makes perfect sence to invest you time and energy for your path only. if you want it bad enough, nothing else is an issue because the importance and effects to all the external thoughts, things, situations and people on drops to zero as they are not serving you in anyway to progress on your path. And this makes you detached, proactive and non needy of anything. This makes your thinking clear, straight and profound. With this you will stop carrying a head load of unwanted emotional baggage.

With this mindset you will realize that what people think and say about you, their reactions and behavior towards you doesn’t have any effect on you. You just have to continue to do what you want, making yourself immune & detached to the both the sides (good & bad) will make you naturally not give a fuck. And that’s a good thing.


Brain Food: 9 Wisdom Stones


This month was DAMN GOOD 🙂 

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  6. Should you fight or take a flight from people and situation?Watch here: Fight and Flight Response
  7. You are depressed and have suicidal thoughts? I am with you, destroy depression from root. Watch here: I am depressed and have suicidal thoughts
  8. Are you too cold or too hot? Are you an extremist and wish to live a balanced life? Here is a supportive idea. Watch here: The Yin-Yang Theory of Masculine & Feminine Energies
  9. Feel the way you want using your physical body. Watch here: Feelings in your body manifests events that will generate similar feelings.

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Aman Varma

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Is over thinking killing you? Solution is Cognitive Bandwidth

Have you ever suffered from uncontrollable over-thinking?

Have you ever burned yourself with stress that was caused by simply obsessing over a thought?

Would your life be much more fun if you could spend your thinking energy and time on constructive introspection instead of obsessing over negative thoughts?

Do you know a concrete law to help yourself stop obsessive thoughts on a instant?

Here is the answer from a Psychologist..


It’s been a while since I haven’t shared any wisdom with you VIP Members. So, today 15th the Sunday, I am here with simple yet mind blowing wisdom that you can apply right now in your life.

On that note, I have realized these 3 pieces of wisdom in the duration of a month, to be specific it’s the month of September.

Here’s the thing..


Your cognitive abilities are limited. That means that your bandwidth of processing a thought or external stimulus is limited. For example, we have a GB of Internet bandwidth everyday. I had this problem of obsession a.k.a over-thinking. I tested for 2-3 years on how to solve the problem of over thinking but I failed everything single time as I couldn’t find any concrete method that could work as a law. But after so much of research and experimentation and finally found that CONCRETE LAW to stop overthinking/obsession. Here is the law: Catch yourself when you are over thinking/obsessing and literally shift your attention/flow of thoughts towards other constructive things. Be aware that you are overthinking/obsessing and then break that thought pattern and find something else to think upon. When you do this 10s to 100s of times, your bandwidth for the particular obsession would drop to zero.

When you take charge of your mind and decide where you want to spend your mental bandwidth, your life will transform in a single day. Stress will be zero. Productivity will be 100. Mind will be clear, clutter will be zero.

You will evolve in a single day. How fucking amazing is that?

Apply this wisdom and let me know what you think.

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Clinical Psychologist 

P.S. I will share the other 2 pieces of wisdom periodically.

Why having ego is good?

Everybody says that I am an egomaniac. They are right but only partially. People don’t know what makes everyone egoistic. We are all egoistic and that’s a good thing for us.

I do not think that children are born egomaniacs. There are certain external circumstances that make them develop ego in them, the people or circumstances that pose as a threat to their innocent character & self identity is the main reason I see behind it. If children do not develop ego, they are treated worse than the door mat.

I know that ego is not a sense of superiority but a sense of dignity, a judgement about other’s behaviour to avoid getting personal values violated.

Ego gives you the strength to stand up for yourself & let the world know that you are not a door mat but a person of worth & value.

I doubt the purity of respect, & it’s importance if it is meant to be only given by juniors to seniors. If that is the case, well that too pessimistic view of respect. For me, respect is dynamic.. Irrespective of age, qualities & other manipulative factors.

Standing up for yourself is difficult, it may seem disrespectful towards someone.. But if you keep getting the treatment of door mat, you are disrespectful towards yourself.

Standing up for your beliefs, mindsets and ideas are not egocentric behaviours, at least for me. Please consider your meaning of “ego” Because people often interchange it with arrogance.

Egoistic people has self respect, Arrogant people have pride & superiority complex.

Be egocentric to not get stepped on.

Hitler demanded respect forcefully, he didn’t deserve it. Therefore he is Arrogant. Not egoistic.

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Ever felt suddenly ignored by a loved one? Here is why..

Have you ever experienced a sudden ignorance from the person whom you love the most?

Remember when people suddenly show you the cold shoulder and pretend that you do not exist!

Imagine how painful & rude it is.

It hurts a lot to get ignored and the unknown reason behind it makes it even worse.

How can you deal with such a problem in your life?

Here is the answer from a psychologist. The below video provides insights on this topic and also a solution to drag yourself out from such an unpleasant situation.

People who know this secret live a healthy relationship and avoid this mistake.

So, only if you are a smart individual you will make the choice of investing your time in this short 5 mins video.

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Overview of discussion:

The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse. It is when a person in the relationship ignores the other or refuses to acknowledge them verbally or through any other method. The silent treatment is a form of punishment, a way of attempting to control your partner.

Dignity is of prime importance

No matter how hungry the tiger is, it will not eat grass – Tamil Proverb


Dignity. That’s what this is called. That set of values that are non-negotiable. The rules we will never break, even when angry, anxious, or in pain. The line we will never cross, even in the worst moments of need. The higher that bar, the higher our level of development, the ground we stand on. And life will test you. It will test you. You will need to hold your ground, like a mountain that is not moved even by the strongest winds.

For me, for example, being emotionally dependent is a grass I will never eat. Being dishonest is another grass I will never eat. I am determined never to tell a lie, not even the so called “white lies”. Even if there would be great financial benefit for me, or the chance of avoiding losing something, or preventing a difficult situation, I shall speak only the truth, or keep quiet. I may undergo the hunger of “losing opportunities”, being misunderstood and judged, losing some types of friends, but I will not eat that grass. And I feel there is great personal power and freedom in this commitment.


What is the grass you will never eat? Take a minute to write down three to five rules, or principles, that you will never break, no matter what. This is your Personal Constitution. You are a tiger! And tigers don’t eat grass.

Take this wisdom and Have a Badass Day

Subtle Addictions & Guilt

If you are following along with me with my journey of turning “shit into sugar” you have a clear Idea what I am up to. As I have already shared ton of wisdom in previous 3 parts of this journey, Today I’ve got another wisdom dose for ya..

If you missed the previous parts of turning shit into sugar, you can read here:




Subtle addictions and guilt

You already know that I journal my thoughts to attend my soul and dig hidden ideas and wisdom. Yesterday, after attending my soul I became aware of this idea of “subtle addictions and guilt”.

I’ll define it in simple words as, Our actions, reactions, behaviour, attitude, thinking patterns, beliefs and habits that are very subtle to get noticed by our conscious mind, have an effect on our happiness level and well being. If these factors are good, they’ll have positive effect and vice-a-versa.

My concern is subtle bad factors that cause GUILT in me. And believe me guilt is very fine to get noticed when our mind is always thinking of stuff and we barely introspect + guilt is probably not the best feeling anyone would want to experience.

So, I found out a few factors that were generating the feelings of subtle guilt and shame in me, which were also decreasing my esteem and confidence level. I then came up with a few solutions and after practically applying them, NOW I AM FEELING FANTASTIC. I cannot express in words how grounded, energetic, positive, immune, virtuous I am feeling right now. This feeling is great, pure without even a subtle feeling of guilt, my man, Pure confidence and self esteem + Iron dignity feels so good.


What you can take from this newsletter is: Introspect a little and attend your soul to find out what are those minute and subtle things that cause the feelings of guilt and shame in you.

These things may not be easy to find because they are subtle. Look into your daily routines and try to scan a analyse what possibly might be the culprit factor making your life feel like shit.


Take this wisdom and Have a Badass Day